Sarah Cheng is a full stack senior software engineer at with a keen interest in philosophy and interactive storytelling.

Nancy Ouyang is a creative mechanical engineer, software engineer, avid feminist, and boat co-owner. We shall surely one day cross an ocean on our little boat. She is pursuing a graduate degree in robotics at Harvard University.

Juliann Ma is a performance pianist, writer, and artist at Mannes New School. Her imagination has no bounds.

Alin Tomescu is my officemate at MIT, with whom I collaborate on projects such as cryptographic currency, cryptographic identity for secure email, and other projects bridging technology and socioeconomics.

Arie Anders is my bold and daring philosophy and coffee friend, who works in machine learning and robotics at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Victor Costan is a clear expert in all things pertaining to computer systems, systems security, and software engineering, with whom I collaborate on deeply technical projects such as secure computation and privacy attacks. He now works at Google.

Madeline Liou graduated from Emerson College with a graduate degree in publishing, and is looking for work in the Boston area!